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Therapy for Children

Children can benefit from counseling in a variety of ways.  Children express themselves best through play, and our children's therapies include play therapy, art therapy and behavioral therapy.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents face a myriad of issues today, and sometimes it just helps to have someone to talk to who is a non judging confidant who can teach them some social skills or skills for coping.


Couples, families and other groups can frequently face difficulties finding  a resolution to their own issues without an outside point of view.  


Individual therapy is provided to help adults work through issues from their past, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, relationship issues, occupational and social issues as well as a variety of other issues and disorders.

Speaker / Workshops

Speaking for a small or large group, presenting workshops and consultations are a part of our overall services.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, people with similar experiences, issues or disorders share and give feedback to provide practical information and problem solving.  A professional facilitator can teach coping skills, psycho-education or moderate the group.   Potential groups include Grief, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Substance Use, Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs children.  Groups are formed when enough interest from potential members is identified.